Privacy Policy

Regarding your privacy we want to state, that this value is important to us. Therefore the sites of the kolektaro do not log any personal information about you. Only if at some point in time we could provide services, which contain personal information about you, we will clarify this privacy policy. The current state is described below.

Types of data

When you access this website, the server, the computer which serves the data used for building together the site in your webbrowser receives from your computer some data.

This includes:

These data blocks are received by the computers running this site from your computer sending this data. The computers which we are renting currently at are receiving this data and ignoring most of it. Only the parts which are necessary to deliver back to you a useable webpage is used. No logging data is generated or retained after you accessed one of our pages.


This site doesn’t use cookies.

External web analysis services

No web analysis services are used, especially no external ones that would track your behavior.

Third-parties involved

No data is submitted to any third parties.


The server running this site and it's subsites is located in germany and is run by uberspace GmbH, a friendly privacy conscious hoster. In theory they could access the data on the server and probably would if the receive a takedown or an investigation request by the police. In practice this is likely not going to happen, as no criminal data is hosted on the server.

The rights granted to you by the GDPR

The GPDR protects your privacy. And you can make use of these on this site or any other site. Amongst the GPDR rights are:

Art. 15: Right of access by the data subject

You have the right to get access to the data stored about you. We provided this information about you on this page, as there is none, because as we clarified in previous statements, we don't store that data.

Art. 16: Right to rectification

You have the right to have incorrect data changed to correct data. As we don't store data about you, the data is always correct and you don't have a need to correct it.

Art. 17: Right to erasure

According to the GDPR, you have the right to erase data, which you don't have to be shared with us. As we don't store such information on our systems, this is already fullfilled.

Art. 18: Right to restriction of processing

You have the right to restrict the processing we do on our site to your data. But as we don't store such information about you, you don't have to restrict such processing, as we don't have such data.

Art. 20: Right of data portability

You have the right to have your data ported somewhere else. As we lack the data which could be moved or ported to some other service, we can't fullfill such request. As we don't have such data.

Art. 21: Right to object

A right to object to the processing of data is provided to you by the GDPR. But as no data is stored on our servers about you, this concern was already benevolently taken care of.

When you you have further questions or requests regarding your privacy, you can write an e-mail to privateco (at) senloke (dot) org.